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Man Greens helps men boost testosterone, increase libido, and improve overall health with clinically effective doses of nature’s most potent and proven superfoods. Stacking it with Man Boost, a proven testosterone-booster with nature’s most proven ingredients for blocking estrogen, you’re going to send your testosterone levels through the roof.

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1 review for Testosterone Stack

  1. Matt Ramsey

    I have been taking the testosterone stack for a few months now. I am currently training pretty hard for a multi week hike through the Sierra’s. I can say without a doubt my recovery from each workout is improved and I’m ready for the next day, which I’m guessing is attributed to increased testosterone levels(I’m 40 and waking up with morning wood like a teenager again, no joke). I don’t have the cleanest of diets. I have more “cheat days” and drink more beers and bourbon than I certainly should. I know it’s important to eat healthy and avoid alcohol but life is short and I like to enjoy it. The man greens help fill those nutritional gaps in my opinion while also helping with my gut health. Being a registered nurse in an acute care setting I appreciate the adaptogen’s present to strengthen my immune system. Zinc, Ashwagandha, and Moringa have all been thought to support immune health which is a nice bonus. Even though it will be extra weight, I’m 100% planning on taking my Man Green’s and Boost on my lengthy trek through the mountains. I’ll be taking these products daily for the foreseeable future. Big, big fan!

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